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Yasir Hussain Requests To Give Pakistani Directors To Handle PSL


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Karachi, February 22, : Pakistanis were excited for PSL 2020 but the opening ceremony was an absolute disaster. Fan’s energy and excitement were on its peak but the opening ceremony was truly disappointing.
The show was hosted by a new face in the entertainment industry, VJ Ahmed Godil. His way of hosting was trolled by social media. He tried to warm up the audience but it didn’t go well.
According to sources, Indian director, Shubra Bhardwaj was appointed to direct the show. It is the first time that an Indian director was appointed for the opening ceremony of PSL.
Actor Yasir Hussain shared a throwback story when he was hosting the first Pakistan Super League in Dubai. He revealed that Indian directors are not capable of handling Pakistani shows and they change the script as well.
He said, “when i was hosting very first PSL in dubai the same thing happened to me. these indian directors can’t handle Pakistani shows. they change your script and then say “kuch bhi bolty raho”.
Yasir Hussain also requested to give chance to Pakistani directors and said, “plz Pakistani Directors ko moqa den.”

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