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Iron Man’s snap starts off the new decade in Marvel fan’s in-synced video


Sydney, January 2, : While we all have our own ways to celebrate the New Year, with some sleeping the night away and others partying it up. But when its comes to Marvel fans, their style of celebration is unmatched.

A viral video making rounds on the internet is racking up a plethora of views and has garnered quite the attention as the enthusiastic and eager Marvel fan recorded them entering 2020 in a chilling way through Iron Man’s snap in Avengers: Endgame.

The perfectly-timed video by YouTuber The Sweaty Ace shows the final showdown between Thanos and Iron Man at the time of the snap while a phone’s lock screen was placed beside the film rolling, with the time reading 11:59pm.

The video further gives chills to all of us Marvel buffs not only over the intense scene but as soon as Iron Man aka Tony Stark snaps his fingers with all Infinity Stones on his gauntlet, the clock strikes twelve while fireworks erupt outside the window at the fan’s location in Sydney, Australia.

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