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Hareem Shah Harassed By Hundreds Of Men In Dubai


Islamabad, December 25 : TikTok star Hareem Shah’s videos went viral which were filmed inside the Foreign Office. The videos received severe backlash from people. Hareem Shah was invited for the opening of Oasis Mall in Dubai where many men harassed and abused her. She posted her video of getting harassed on Twitter.
Hareem Shah shared, “I was invited as a guest at the opening of Oasis Mall in Dubai. Hundreds of Pakistani men hurled abuses, pushed & some even kicked me. Is this how you treat your women??”
Hareem Shah was along with her friend Sandal Khattak at the opening ceremony. A series of other videos have been released where Hareem Shah and her friend are asking for some personal space.This is not the first time fans have harassed Hareem Shah. Earlier this month, she released a video in which her fans mobber her and on them even touched her inappropriately.

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