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Brad Pitt dubs himself as the man with a ‘disaster of a personal life’ with Leonardo DiCaprio


Los Angeles, January 7 : Brad Pitt recently won hearts in the most hilarious of ways after poking fun at his own self during a recent interview.

Recently the star was invited to the podcast show,WTF with Marc Maron alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Maron asked both stars about when they released they had made it in the big leagues. DiCaprio revealed his moment came after he had shot “a film called Titanic” and noticed how he had begun getting followed by almost four black SUVs one day.

When DiCaprio revealed that its something that doesn’t happen as often now, Pitt chimed in with his surprise, asking him, “It doesn’t?”

Pitt went onto say, “I’m a little disgruntled with you,” Pitt joked. “I’m just like, trash mag fodder. I don’t know… because of my disaster of a personal life, probably.”

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